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Lehry was established in the year 1950 with an intention to serve the industry by importing hand tools under the name LEHRY BROTHERS , which went on to become a successful business enterprise. We are in the Industry for more than Sixty Years having catered to every industry possible giving our large cliental quality products and service. Since 2008 the company was incorporated as Lehry Instrumentation & Valves Pvt. ltd now having corporate office in Chennai, regional offices in Mumbai and Noida, branch offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad, So that we can reach our clients more extensively.

The Company has adopted to new technology thanks to the new generation in the management and also to our strong marketing team who have introduced ideas which has helped us to have an edge over our competitor’s. Today we are engaged to cater various Industries like Chemical, Petro Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Sugar, Engineering, infrastructure Industries with the help of the robust development in the Industrial World. We have also successfully entered the plumbing, firefighting and HVAC market pan India.

We are Business associate with

  1. M/s. WATTS Water Technologies. USA.
  2. M/s. WIKA Instruments (P) Ltd., Germany.
  3. M/s. H. Guru Industries Ltd., Muzaffarpur, India.
  4. M/s. F.W. Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG, German.
  5. M/s. Zenner Aquamet Water meters Germany.

Lehry Instrumentation & Valves Pvt. Ltd. Have also entered into manufacturing of Valves since 2006 for various industrial and domestic usages. Our valve product list is diversified and vast which includes Gate, Globe, Dual plate Check, Swing Check, Wafer Check, Butterfly valve, Ball valves, 2-way Ball, 3-way Ball, Needle, Foot, Strainer, Diaphragm, Plug, Pressure Relief, Quick Closing, Float and Air valves.

Under the Brand “LEHRY” we manufacture in varied MOC’s like Cast Iron, WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, and CF3M & CN7M. We are striving to be the one of the fast growing valve manufacturing company in India. We are now positioned with the latest and sophisticated technology to cater up to the standards set for the reliable quality valves and prompt service.

With the industry on a rise, we have geared up to meet the increasing demand for valves in India, U.A.E, Thailand,China,Europe, U.S.A and around the Globe.

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