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Lehry Instrumentation And Valves Pvt Ltd

Lehry Valves is a “Make in India” manufacturing company with 70 years of Industrial experience, with offices in all major Metros across India with overseas offices in Sri Lanka, UAE, and USA.

Lehry is a manufacturer and solution provider of Mechanical valves and Automated Utility management Systems for MEP services in the water services field. We cater to Industries right from Food production Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Aeronautical, and many more.

Lehry specializes in manufacturing green and sustainable valves best suited for drinking water applications, manufacture high grade resilient valves for Firefighting, and provide water conservation solutions through automation.

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Nation's First Greenfield Factory to Produce Lead Free & Low Lead Non-Ferrous Valves

Lehry Industries - Marking one of India's Firsts

The vision of the board and the company was to drive change on a mass scale. Change that contributes towards safer public health engineering, and we thought it best to start with ball valves. This idea began the construction of India’s first Greenfield Platinum Rated Manufacturing Facility for non-ferrous valves, marking Lehry valves as a 100% Make In India company. In this new factory in Gummudipoondi, Lehry deemed it fit to produce the first lead-free brass valve in India and this was achieved in early 2022 and was made possible by carefully selected forging and CNC machines. .

Built on 160,000 sq.ft of land, this manufacturing facility produces lead-free and non-ferrous products that adhere to national and international standards and certifications. The manufacturing unit is extremely energy efficient and utilizes solar energy currently capped at 30% of its power dependency. The machines and product designs are to produce the brass ball valves and as the very first will bear an ISI marking.

The facility incorporates 2 state-of-the-art forging machines (one horizontal and one vertical) that have the combined capacity to produce 8000 valves in just one shift, currently surpassing demand. Due to the large production capabilities, we are looking at an export market that will cover a predicted 30% of overall production and will earn considerable foreign exchange.

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