Smart Water Metering Solution

Features Lehry’s smart metering provides:

1. Truly Wireless Automation
2. Mobile application for usage tracking, billing & payments
3. Remote debugging
4. Over-usage & Leakage alerts

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Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), or ‘smart water meters’, is a two-way solution in which a bridge through a network is created between the meters and the utility team (or) Building Management System (BMS). In this network, smart water meters do not only make it possible for a remote meter reading but also allow high-resolution consumption data to be sent to the consumer or relevant teams.

Why a smart water meter?

Due to rapid urbanization & the ever-growing water scarcity from climate change & the fact that water is viewed merely as a free commodity, countries are being challenged to deliver water as efficiently as possible and to balance the rising demand of water with limited supplies.

Case Study

We at Lehry valves conducted an experiment to directly correlate the effectiveness of water metering with respect to water consumption over a period of 3 years across multiple projects in Chennai, and the results were indeed astonishing. We used our smart water meters that are Wi-fi enabled and require virtually no wiring, we installed them on every inlet going into an apartment monitoring data remotely with transmission frequencies occurring every 2 mins, so as to give un an Indepth analytics on water consumption patterns and consumption behaviors.

With no hidden factor involved, we noticed an average of 30% dip in consumption merely 10 months into implementation of the system. Without a doubt, I can say, using a metered system is the best practice to move thinking of water from being a free commodity to a consciously used resource. In conclusion, a water management system is the way to go and they hold multiple benefits. And most importantly, they are able to provide in dept data to both utilities team and the consumer itself. There have been many studies conducted that PROVE human consumption behavior DOES indeed change with the proper representation of data AND proper means of education.

Product Features:

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