LIVE Experience Studio

Lehry Interactive Valve Experience Studio

Lehry Valves has launched for the first time in Asia, a State-of-the-art, AI enabled Valve Experience Studio targeted primarily to educate the consumer on all things-plumbing. Plumbing in India has become fast paced owing to the steep economic rise, but as we all know, anything that is not gradual will not have a bell shaped learning curve. It is up to the industry manufacturers to play the catch-up game, rather smartly, to aid the industry in solving problems that arise due to system advancements and inconsistent demand of the consumer.

Lehry, for this very purpose, aims to bring the plumbing system behind the walls to the front, and visually demonstrate – the purpose of various valve, their rightful application, problems that occur in a plumbing system & ways to debug them, and most importantly – to make visible the blind spots of water wastage.

Builders and consultants are constantly employing methods that would help in water conservation, without disrupting demand, but there are still “blind spots” in the plumbing system that owe to wastage – which we have come to call – Passive Water Consumption. This could be wastage due to small leakages risen due to water hammering, higher consumption due to variable pressure distribution, employing age-old methods of tank controlling, and even the mindset of water being viewed as a free commodity (Absence of a water metering system).

At the Valve Experience Studio, design consultants, builders and even the end user can learn about the various methods on how a valve – the heart of a plumbing system – when rightly selected and used, can in a grave magnitude, help to curb consumption patterns and reduce passive wastages. One could also visually see the effect of Water Hammering, cavitation in Pressure Reducing Valves, how to select PRVs so that water starvation during peak demand does not occur, functioning of a WiFi based metering system, Smart Automatic tank & pump controlling systems, Mechanical tank control systems, etc.,

The experience studio also deploys Amazon’s Alexa that answers questions and carries out set of operations to 1. Demonstrate various effects and 2. Show how a particular plumbing problem can be solved. Lehry hopes this innovation will generate interests in aspiring engineers to move to this industry and continue innovation through young minds. As the water deprivation problem grows larger by the day, ironically, it is only technology and the “collective Indian” that can help delay the inevitable day when our country runs out of water!