“LEHRY” manufacturing units have the best testing facilities to thoroughly check the product suitability to the design & performance requirements. Most of the facilities are in-house, located in the manufacturing premises.

Some of the special tests are outsourced.
Following tests can be offered by “LEHRY INSTRUMENTATION & VALVES PVT LTD”

For Valve Automation Systems:

Pneumatic Actuators:

Routine Test:

  • Leakage Test
  • Operation test
  • Min. operating Pressure

Type Test:

  • Torque Output Test
  • Cycle Test
  • Response Time Test

Special Test:

  • Radiation & LOCAL qualification
  • Vibration Test
  • Seismic Qualification as per IEEE 323,344 & 383
  • Environmental Test, Helium leak detection test

Valve Automation Systems:

  • Body & Seat Hydro Test
  • Seat Leak Test
  • Operation test
  • Cycle Test
  • Accessories Testing for Limit Switch,
  • Solenoid Valve, Positioner & Position Transmitter