Case Study – Automatic Tank & Pump Control Systems

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August 30, 2021
Automatic Tank & Pump Controlling system – Reinvention of the Wheel.
February 23, 2022

Case Study – Automatic Tank & Pump Control Systems

Growth – A simple word we like to brandish around and associate with endless graphs and statistics. However, cliched as it may sound, growth can only be the outcome of challenging ourselves and pushing our boundaries – stepping out of the so-called comfort zone.

One such instance was when Lehry team recently executed our automation work at Urbana in Kolkata. For the uninitiated, Urbana is a joint enterprise of the government of WB and six prominent builders, a Principal architect from Singapore, Bangkok based landscape designer and a Structural Engineer from Dubai. Located at Anandpur, close to the Ruby crossing, it has changed the Kolkata skyline forever with its seven towers which are either G+40 or G+45.

Urbana Site – Kolkatta

Problem faced by the client:

  • Existing system of level control had been dysfunctional for a very long time.
  • The problem of constantly overflowing tanks and wastage of water. As there was no way of knowing whether the tanks were full or empty without actually going to the terrace constantly to check.
  • Manually monitoring the system for all seven towers, a daunting task!

Solution to the problem:

Installing Overhead Tank automation systems for all the towers – Ultrasonic sensor based, with motorised butterfly valves and Control boxes (At the terrace).

( Tank Level Monitoring Panel)

(On/Off Motorised Butterfly Valve)













  • Pump automation system – For Domestic and Flushing pumps, installation of pressure zones and pressure vessel. Providing dry run protection, again by installing ultrasonic sensors in the sump.


Ultrasonic Level Tx

  • PLC panels to depict the exact level of each and every overhead tank in the pump room, indication of whether motorised valve is open or closed etc.

    (PLC Based Pump Control Panel)

Automation at the overhead level to be independent of the pump side automation – for the simple reason that wiring from the top to the bottom would not only be difficult as towers are all above 40 Storeys, but also because more the wiring, greater the chances of a glitch.

Site challenges:

(PLC Pump Control Panel)

  • Installing and testing the system at a fully occupied site, with constant demand for water was something which had to be executed with great planning and perfection. Under no circumstances could the water supply be compromised.
  • Much of the work was achieved during the night hours to ensure least disturbance to the residents.

    (Virtualisation of System on HMI for seamless Monitoring & Control)

  • Though the systems at the top and bottom were to run independently without wiring between them, we did have to lay the data wire from top to bottom for each tower to relay the situation at the top to the PLC panels in the pump room. This was done for ease of monitoring all towers from one single place – the pump room.



One step at a time, we achieved all of this and more. Our team flew in from Mumbai to install the system, technical persons from our Mumbai and Chennai teams were brought in as well. Many challenges were overcome and lessons learnt. And, would not have been achieved without the “Bhodro lok” at the site and their valuable support.

(Site Training)


[Author – Zainab Rangoonwala, Head Sales-Coordinator]

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